Matik (Founder) is an accomplished Music Producer and Programmer, as well as Musician/Performer. He also specialises  in  Digital and sound Engineering, and Web development


Amarra graduated with a BA (Hons) in Drama, Film & Television, has taken massive steps in the Acting/Film industry, in particular Musical Theatre. She has  toured Toured throughout the UK freelance Singins Acting and Teaching;  More...


Shanice also known as Shan Smile is a former Brit School Performing Arts Champion;  Also a 1st. Class Honours Degree' in Music Business & Arts Management', from Middlesex University. She and has already released numerous amounts of material including her Albums consisting of original material; More...

Video Archives

Matik sings 'Gregory' 'SLAVEMASTER'

​ TrUfUll Gospel Ministry@Elim - T/Heath (31/12/16)

'Reggae Icons Story' Episode 1